Duck Breast Prosciutto
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Most prosciutto is made with pork. The recipe which follows is made with moulard duck breast. Moulard is a duck raised for foie gras, and its meat is typically more flavorful than domestic pekin, while not as gamy as wild mallard.

The magret is the lobe, or half breast of the moulard duck (each duck will have two magrets, or one full breast).

Moulard Magret Prosciutto

Salt/Spice Cure:

Ratio: This is an important part of any cured meat recipe. The salt ratio is especially important, the spice and garlic ratio which follows less so. Weigh you duck breasts and salt very carefully.

Per pound of Magret: (i.e., salt per weight of duck meat)

.7 OZ salt per pound of duck magret

Per Magret: (i.e., curing spices per unit of duck magret)

10 juniper berries

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