Chocolate Ice Cream Tips And A Scrumptious Recipe
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The main thing you want to avoid is ice crystals forming in the mixture this can be achieved by adding air into the mix, you can do this by taking the mixture out of the freezer after 20 minutes and giving it a further whisk.


Chill all ingredients and utensils before you use them

Be accurate with the quantity of sugar, to much will prevent the mixture from freezing and to little will cause the mixture to freeze hard and rocky

Do not put warm mixtures into the finished container allow to cool

Do not fill the container because freezing will increase the size of the contents

Put freezer on coldest setting

Ingredients (serves 3-4)

200ml of milk

1 egg

40g of fine sugar

120g of Lindt 99% excellence chocolate

70ml of water

140ml of cream

7ml of vanilla essence

Whisk the egg and sugar and add the warm milk whilst whisking.

Add the mix to a bowl and heat without boiling for about five minutes

Strain this mix then leave to cool

Break the chocolate into pieces and place into another bowl add the water, dissolve this slowly over a low heat.

Add the melted chocolate to the previous mix and stir.

Important you now need to cool this mix.

Once cooled add the half whipped cream and vanilla and gently whisk for 1 minute.

Place this in your freezer remove after 20 minutes and whisk (churn) for a couple of minutes then return to freezer

Scrumptious home made chocolate ice cream!

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